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How We Work

We partner with clients to increase performance, productivity, and profitability.

We achieve this objective through the application of Ergonomics and Human Factors. There is a large body of scientific research showing that identifying and removing ergonomic hazards increases efficiencies and protects the health of workers.

Our clients have found us to be the answer to their productivity needs. We search for the underlying cause of the problem then we show you how to be ergonomically correct! We are both highly skilled and solution-oriented!

We Do The Detective Work

Doctors prescribe pills and perform surgery, not determine the root cause of poor productivity and health. Chiropractic therapy, physical and massage therapy often offer temporary relief. Pain can come back because the root cause isn’t addressed. Office furniture Account Reps usually have no ergonomics training.

An Ergonomic Strategist does the detective work (e.g. thorough testing and measuring) to find the root cause. Then we show you how to remove it. By focusing corrections on underlying causes, problem re-occurrence can be prevented.

Show Me and I Remember

Show MeWe show the computer user: the ergonomically correct way to adjust their chair; how a properly positioned keyboard can save you from an achy wrist; optimal mouse placement; how to properly setup dual computer monitors to avoid neck and back pain. We show you how smart techniques can eliminate health issues. We show you a smarter and healthier way to work. We demonstrate what works and what doesn't so you can save time and money.


Ask The ExpertsOur extensive knowledge, skills and understanding of ergonomics, human factors, and products enables us to maximize productivity while minimizing liabilities and costs. We bring our experience and expertise to your complexities. We have learned many lessons since 1999.

Our ErgoCorrect System (ECS™) is a Proven Solution

keyboardWe perform systematic and comprehensive worksite analysis: Postural Risk Analysis, Fit Analysis, Organizational Analysis, and Environmental Analysis, to name a few.

Any or all of these analyses may be appropriate, depending on the nature of the problem. Keep in mind that your employees may not be aware of all of the ergonomic risks that exist in their area. We often hear: “I didn't know I needed ergonomics until I got it.”

Many times the analysis will reveal that low-cost, high impact changes are necessary. We work closely with you to tailor the evidence-based approach and methods according to the culture you want. Our data-driven solutions focus on measurements, continuous improvements, proactive interventions, and prioritizing resources towards the highest risks and potential savings.

Each Assignment Will have the following basic steps

This 5-step process ensures quality services

  1. Initial Contact:
    Through an initial communication, we learn about your ergonomic situation, issues, and needs. We discuss your primary driver, such as: operational efficiency, employee pain/health, company culture, or management initiative.
  2. Factors that help establish a conceptual agreement:
    Define a scope of work, describe objectives, and identify desired outcomes of the initiative.
  3. Proposal:
    A proposal involving methodologies for the job and the options available will be presented for consideration and acceptance. The schedule, process and cost of the assignment is also reviewed.
  4. Perform Ergonomic Workstation Evaluation:
    The evaluations are interactive, engaging, educational, and Sitting Down Postureempowering.

    The interesting thing is how people react after our "Feel better – Work smarter" Ergonomic Workstation Assessment. They tell us: "I feel valued, the company cares about me, my morale has improved, and have more energy. Thank you!”

    Once the proposal is accepted, we will perform ergonomic workstation evaluations: Using a systematic approach to identify and resolve issues; evaluating the users human factors, their tasks, tools, techniques, and environment; and performing a personal, one- on-one evaluation at the user’s workspace.

    After the interview and observation we perform a “Postural Risk Analysis” (PRA™) to minimize negative effects of sitting or standing. We apply “Chair Fit Techniques” (CFT™) because poor fitting chairs leads to a reduction in the ability to perform. We execute numerous “Ergonomic Protocols” and check over 246 factors.

  5. Project Delivery
  • Identify and prioritize ergonomic risks.
  • Implement ergo principles to mitigate fatigue, discomfort and pain.
  • Make adjustments according to ergonomics and human factors.
  • Apply immediate quick fixes: workstation adjustments and modifications on the spot
  • Ergo StrategiesProvide employee awareness education and training, and also job coaching as to correct ergonomic techniques, workstation setup, and posture.
  • Specify short and long-term recommendations for identified concerns, based on your companies standards.
  • An ergonomic evaluation report is typically generated after the evaluation.

We make independent, unbiased recommendations. We don’t exclusively represent any brands or manufacturers. We develop and maintain long term relationship with our clients, by responding to their needs in a timely and honest manner.

We will be glad to assist you with the implementation of the findings and recommendations as the next phase of our service to you. You can count on us with your questions and future ergonomic issues. The science of ergonomics can seem confusing let us clear things up for you.

Try our “Feel Better – Work Smarter” evaluation!

"You guys help people feel better at the computer" Nicole – Verizon

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