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Ergonomics and Benefits

There are numerous financial advantages of applying ergonomics and the benefits are significant.

What is Ergonomics?

What's ErgonomicsThe term ergonomics was coined from the Greek words ergon (meaning “work”) and nomos (meaning “laws”). So the literal meaning is “the laws of work.”

Ergonomics utilizes the principles of many sciences to formulate the laws. The disciplines include the study of: anatomy, anthropometry, biomechanics, engineering, human factors, physiology, psychophysical, psychosocial, and the environment.

We use the laws of work to improve postures, productivity, correctly set up work stations, coach proper techniques, and determine the best equipment usage. Do you apply ergonomics?

There are numerous laws of work that we apply. Here are two of many.

Back PainErgo Law #1 How you use your body affects how you age and feel

Sitting and computer work are physically, mentally, and visually demanding! The more time we spend at the computer, the greater the risk of developing problems. The greater the risk, the more important it becomes to understand how we position our body parts and move. Ergonomics is concerned with how individuals interact (use their body) with their work stations, work tools, and work methods.

Ergo Law #2 Make your workstation ergonomically correct

Leg LengthSetting up your work station may seem intuitive but it takes deliberate effort to work productively and healthy. Are you using a “hand-me-down work station set up”? Are you a “We have always done it this way” person? If so, we can help. Remember -science trumps guessing and myths! There are many more laws of work.

So why do our clients ask us to apply these ergonomics laws? And what are the benefits to employers and employees?

Primary Goals

Know The RulesThere are numerous reasons to use ergonomics. The primary goals of ergonomics (using the laws of work) are to:

  1. Increase productivity -remove barriers to quality, productivity & human performance. The ability of employees to do their jobs is influenced by workspace attributes!
  2. Prevent fatigue, discomfort, and pain due to incorrect workplace design and practices pain limits our ability to perform, think, and saps your energy!
  3. Enhance the health of your employees and your profits!
    A common problem we prevent and/or help manage is Musculoskeletal Disorders. We can help your colleagues work painlessly! By reducing ergonomic risk factors, employers can reduce negative costs while improving the quality of work and overall productivity.

Employee Benefits

YOU the computer athlete are sitting hunched over for long hours continuously keyboarding, repetitively mousing and endlessly staring at the monitor. Then reporting fatigue, discomfort and pain.

What kinds of discomfort? Numbness, tingling, cramping, burning and stiffness are a few .

Do you notice decreased grip strength, are you more sensitive to cold? The problem could be your poor workstation set up!

Are you experiencing tense muscles, pinched nerves, inflamed tendons, stiff joints, or herniated discs? The problem could be your bad techniques!

Do you have difficulty concentrating, focusing, or being distracted from headaches, eye strain or stiff neck? The problem could be your equipment!

Do you “lose time” as a result of thinking about aching shoulder discomfort or being out of your chair due to back pain? Does elbow pain cause slow computer input? Does wrist pain cause less time at the keyboard/mouse? The problem could be your posture!

At the end of your workday you shouldn’t be more aware of a particular body part -regardless of age.

We create high performance and healthy workplaces!

Correct PostureBy applying the laws of work our clients are able to:

  • Sit better –Feel better -Think better
  • Experience a healthier way to work: health care cost implications are enormous
  • Prevent pain and premature wear and tear
  • Increase their energy, concentration, and focus
  • Compute quicker, easier, with fewer errors
  • Feel more comfortable at the computer
  • Prevent back pain, stiff neck and shoulder pain

Businesses that create a culture to thrive in and that value their employee's health are successful. Ergonomics allows businesses to spread the “I care” message

Our clients say they have received ergonomic benefits of:

  1. Increased productivity and profitability
  2. Improved quality of output
  3. Reduced liabilities
  4. Increased efficiency
  5. Recruiting and retaining quality workers from a shrinking talent pool
  6. Reduced on-site absenteeism
  7. Having healthier and happier workforce. Health care cost implications are enormous –ergonomics can help.Wellness begins with the employer offering a healthy ergonomic workplace. Ergonomics supports your wellness culture.
  8. Positive employee engagement. Give workers the ergonomic tools/equipment they need to do their work right.

Ergonomics Value Proposition:

Applying the laws of work is important because it enables a great value proposition. 

Employees value ergonomics because their health and comfort improves! 

Supervisors value ergonomics because productivity and efficiency is increased! 

Managers value ergonomics because goals are being achieved! 

Owners value because it’s healthier for the worker and the bottom line! 

Customers value ergonomics because they don’t have to pay for non-value added efforts!

Let’s build a better workplace together!

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