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Ergo WebAs experts in workplace improvements our services are designed to optimize human performance.

Our systematic approach enables you to achieve noticeable increases in productivity and well-being. We provide services that impacts employees, supervisors, managers, owners, and customers! Customers don’t want to pay for errors, mistakes, waste (time, motion, and energy), or rework.

Our services are tailored to your business initiatives and culture. A worker with an ergonomically correct workstation and work techniques contributes to: optimal work performance, job satisfaction, sense of well-being, motivation, accomplishments, and comfort. These benefits are physical as well as psychological, so they positively impact both physical and mental health.

Services We Provide

Here are 10 value added services we can help you with.

  1. Ergonomic Workstation Evaluation
  2. New Employee
  3. Home Office
  4. Phone Evaluation
  5. Body problems, Health Issues, Physical Complications, Daily Living Activities, and Ergo Equipment.
  6. Ergonomics Audit
  7. Training
  8. Lunch and Learn
  9. Health Fair/Wellness fair
  10. Products


  1. Individual Ergonomic Workstation Evaluation

Our “Feel Better – Work Smarter” evaluation has proven to be very effective.

Companies have found it beneficial to evaluate computer workstations. Not just for the obvious reasons of the noticeable increase in productivity and efficiency but to improve the health of their bottom line and their employees.

Measure LapAn ergonomic strategist will meet with an individual in their designated workspace.

We identify, measure, and evaluate exposures to ergonomic hazards. Using the data and information collected we formulate low-cost, high-impact remedies for hazards which may otherwise turn into costly liabilities.

This face-to-face evaluation delivers: a discussion of identified ergonomic risks, immediate fixes, ergonomic coaching, product evaluation, ergonomic strategies and recommendations at the employee level.

Time to perform an evaluation depends on: tasks, equipment, risk factors, and deliverables. For a standard proactive evaluation we suggest setting aside 30 minutes to remove barriers to human performance and wellness.

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  1. New Employee Ergonomic Workstation Evaluation

The new worker will feel welcomed to your business by offering them an ergonomic evaluation as part of their on-boarding process. More than 50% of computer users reported “pain” (MSS) during the first year after starting a new job (Am. J. Ind. Med. 41:221–235, 2002. © 2002 Wiley-Liss, Inc.).

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  1. Home Office Ergonomic Workstation Evaluation

Ergonomics in a home office is important because there are so many variables that

can deteriorate productivity and wellness. We create high performance and healthy work environments. Home office assessments include the same rigorous steps as a typical workstation evaluation.

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  1. Phone Ergonomic Evaluation

Do you need a workstation evaluation but are miles away from us? We perform individual workstation evaluations using digital photos of the workstation and work postures while interviewing you on the telephone. Employees who are off-site receive ergonomic support.

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  1. Development and Implementation

We guide clients through the ergonomic process enabling a successful ergonomics initiative. We address body problems, health issues, physical complications, daily living activities, equipment, job tasks and job settings.

  • Body Problems

HeadacheTopics discussed, as needed, such as: headaches, eyestrain, stiff neck, sore shoulder, back ache, elbow discomfort, wrist pain, leg issues, and many other topics. We get you out of the pain cycle!

  • Health Issues / Ergo Concerns

Issues aggravated by ergonomic hazards may include: herniated disc (neck/back), carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis, tenosynovitis, mouseitis. and other musculoskeletal issues.

We regularly see people with existing health issues such as: arthritis, sciatica, diabetes, degenerative disc disease, etc. And of course during pregnancy a woman’s body changes and so should the workstation!

  • Physical Complications

Bend Over PainPhysical problems are a popular discussion, such as: damaging effects of bad posture, poor techniques (are inefficient and hazardous), fatigue at the computer, thumb discomfort, tailbone pain, cold hands, body type/shape issues, and voice ergonomics. Also, recovery strategies for: motor vehicle accident, post-surgeries. Physician requests/Doctor’s Prescription and more.

  • Daily Living Activities

Performing activities without ergonomics off the job can hinder performance

on the job. We review, as needed, the ergonomics of: driving, sleeping, exercising, toddler parenting, aging, home ergonomics. Also, actions to save your back, what information you must tell your eye care professional, and much more.

  • Product/Equipment

We can help you select appropriate ergonomic products. Complexities with products such as: furniture, desk configuration, sit stand strategies, chairs, keyboards, mice, wrist rests, dual monitors, headsets, document holders, footrests, wrist supports, keyboard trays, cushions, ball chairs, and so much more.

Jobs tasks we help you with ergonomics for: laptop use, hand-held devices, mobile workers, luggage handling, hoteling, and prolonged standing.

Job settings: Office, Call Center, Material Handling, Laboratories (e.g. College of American Pathologists), Manufacturing, Industrial, Warehouse, Assembly Line, Healthcare.

Reports are conducted according to your request

Ask about our Personalized Ergonomics Plan

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  1. Ergonomics Audit

An objective assessment of your organization’s current ergonomic status

  1. Training tailored to meet your ergonomic goals
  1. Lunch and Learn presentation

The session offers information and helpful ergonomic strategies, giving attendees practical ways to improve their workspace and be more comfortable and healthy.

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  1. Health Fair / Wellness Fair

This visit familiarizes workers with ergonomics. Our set up is interactive, educational, and uses numerous hands-on demonstrations

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  1. Need Ergonomic Products?

We create high performance and healthy work environments. Our professionals incorporate ergonomic principles and protocols to select the correct product.

We have experience with thousands of "ergonomic" products determining what works and what doesn't work well. We take the guesswork out of choosing the right product. Businesses rely on us to help them navigate the world of ergonomics.

Chairs: We help you select chairs that fit you and your budget.

  • Sitting in the wrong chair can put enormous stress on the body. There are many decisions to make when choosing a chair. That’s why we use our “ChairGoNomic Protocols”. Our proven method removes stress and anxiety from determining “which chair is best”. What do your chairs say about your employee's value in the organization?

We use the science of ergonomics to select ergonomic products

Choosing the wrong product can lead to: drawers full of unused products, unintended consequences, and new hazards. We use research-based ergonomic products to ensure you get the right product.

  • Keyboards and mice: Our methods saves you time and money!
  • Palm rests, footrests, wrist supports, lighting, and cushions
  • Monitor: arms, lifters, and anti-glare filters
  • Sit stand desk, treadmill desk, ball chairs
  • Keyboard trays, document holders
  • Headsets: How to know if you need a headset and which product

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And so much more…

Any order taker can offer you a product. We suggest products based on visual observation of issues, tests, measurements, and experience. Then explain why YOU would benefit from the product and show you how to maximize and position the product. Our expertise is protecting your people and your profits.

Our services are designed to conform to OSHA, NIOSH, ANSI-Z365, ISO, HFES100, and Generally Accepted Ergonomics Practices.

We are committed to providing you innovative and outstanding services using low-cost high-impact remedies. Take advantage of what we offer to you and your employees.

Contact us today and start getting the benefits of ergonomics!

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