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Welcome to the Ergonomically Correct website

This is the starting point for computer users who want to compute quicker, easier, with fewer errors! We provide ergonomic assessments, training, and equipment. We are dedicated to improving the performance and comfort of computer users, while minimizing their health and safety risks.


Our mission is to improve the comfort, safety, and productivity of computer users through the application of human factors and ergonomics. We accomplish this by educating and training computer users HOW to prevent Repetitive Stress Injuries.


Our vision is to be an innovative business by reducing human fatigue, discomfort, and pain. We are committed to developing long-term relationships ensuring satisfaction and providing value for money.

Why choose us?

  We specialize in the cost effective application of computer ergonomics. Our customized programs have worked for others; it can work for you! We differentiate ourselves by offering remedies not just products.

  Our knowledge, skills and understanding of ergonomics, human factors, and products enable us to maximize productivity while minimizing liabilities and costs.

  We bring our experience & expertise to your complexities - We have learned many lessons since 1992.

  We provide high impact - low cost remedies.

  We interactively educate and train each user.

  For effective use of ergonomic tools we know HOW to properly adjust equipment.

  We understand the proper ergonomic guidelines to adjustment the computer user.

  We save you time and money - You avoid costly mistakes.

"Musculo skeletal disorders are the most prevalent most expensive, most preventable, workplace injuries." - according to Alexis Herman, Secretary of Labor

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